Barmen’s Retreat, St. Saviour’s, Good Friday

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If you are looking for a way to enter as fully as possible into the experience of Good Friday this year, the Barmen’s Retreat in St. Saviour’s might help. The Legion of Mary runs its annual retreat in St. Saviour’s this coming Good Friday. It will be held in St. Catherine’s Chapel, to which access is from Dorset Street. It begins at 10.30 a.m. and finishes around 5.45 p.m. and takes in the two major ceremonies in the church (Stations of the Cross at 12.00 and the Solemn Celebration of the Death of the Lord at 3.00). The retreat is free of charge (any donations welcome), but please bring your own lunch.

The Barmen’s Retreat is so-called because it was originally for workers in the pub trade who, until this year, had Good Friday as a free day. But you don’t have to work in the pub trade to attend.