Baptisms at St. Saviour’s

For Baptisms in English – please telephone Fr. John Walsh, OP (Prior and Parish Priest) at the Priory for an appointment. Please note: before a booking is accepted, a copy of the birth certificate of the baby must be given. If the person requesting a baptism for their baby is not a resident in the Parish of St. Saviour’s, a letter is also required from their Parish Priest. Normally Baptisms take place on Saturdays.

Getting Married

Irish State Law: Both parties must give three months’ notice to Irish State.

No marriage can take place in the Republic of Ireland without giving this notice.

Church Law: Both parties must give three months’ notice to the Parish Priest in the parish where you are resident. (Note: Parishioners of St. Saviour’s Parish should give this notice to the Prior & Parish Priest, Fr. John Walsh, OP.

Please telephone him for an appointment). The Priest of your parish requires the following documents before he can complete your pre-marriage papers:

1. Certificate of Baptism (This certificate must be recently issued – not more than six months prior to the celebration of Marriage)

2. Certificate of Confirmation.

3. Letters of Freedom from previous parishes where you lived since your 18th Birthday.

4. A certificate of the Pre-Marriage course attended.

Note: If one of the parties is non-Catholic – a dispensation from the Archbishop of Dublin is required before the marriage can take place. The Archbishop requires six months’ notice.


If you have suffered a bereavement we wish to extend our sincere sympathies to you. Please ask the undertaker to arrange the funeral with the parish priest.