The Dominican Studium for the Irish Dominicans was established in St. Mary’s Priory in Tallaght in 1935 and transferred to St. Saviour’s in 2000. Over time it has contributed many notable theologians and writers to the Church. Since its beginnings, the Irish Dominican Studium has granted degrees accredited by the Angelicum University in Rome, one of the most prestigious Catholic universities in the Church.

The Studium was established for the priestly training of Dominican brothers but gladly welcomes students for the priesthood from other institutes and dioceses. The education offered is at one with the Dominican tradition of a systematic and coherent theology based on the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas. The current staff are as follows:

Ordinary Professors:
Fr. Terence Crotty O.P., BDS, BA, LSS, STD (Fribourg), Regent of Studies, lecturer in Sacred Scripture, Hebrew.

Fr. Joseph Dineen O.P., BA, STB, LCL (Angelicum), lecturer in Canon Law, Ecclesiastical History.

Fr. Seamus Tuohy O.P., BA, LSS, STD (Angelicum), Secretary of Studies, lecturer in Sacred Scripture.

Fr. John Harris O.P., BA, STD (Angelicum), lecturer in Dogmatic Theology Moral Theology, professor of Homiletics.

Fr. Conor McDonough O.P., BA (Cantab), STL (Fribourg), lecturer in Dogmatic Theology.

Extraordinary and Invited Lecturers:

Fr. Liam Walsh O.P., STD (Angelicum), STM, lecturer in Dogmatic Theology.

Fr. Philip Gleeson O.P., STD, M. Liturgy (CNLP), lecturer in Sacred Liturgy and Dogmatic Theology.

Fr. Michael Dunleavy O.P., STD (Angelicum), lecturer in Spirituality.

Fr. Colm Mannion O.P., STL (PFIC, Washington), lecturer in Dogmatic Theology.

Fr. Alan O’Sullivan O.P., STD (Fribourg), lecturer in Moral Theology.

Dr. Brendan O’Byrne, lecturer in Philosophy.