Saint Saviour's Church



Baptisms at St. Saviour’s

For Baptisms in English – please telephone Fr. Joseph Dineen, OP (Prior and Parish Priest) at the Priory for an appointment. Please note: before a booking is accepted, a copy of the birth certificate of the baby must be given. If the person requesting a baptism for their baby is not a resident in the Parish of St. Saviour’s, a letter is also required from their Parish Priest. Normally Baptisms take place on Saturdays.

Getting Married

Ccrtain requirements of state and canon law must be fulfilled before a marriage can take place in St. Saviour’s. We will be happy to help you through these towards your wedding. In advance, please note the following:

Irish State Law: Both parties must give three months’ notice to Irish State. No marriage can take place in the Republic of Ireland without giving this notice.

Church Law: Both parties must give three months’ notice to the Parish Priest in the parish where you are resident. (Note: Parishioners of St. Saviour’s Parish should give this notice to the Parish Priest of St. Saviour’s Parish, Fr. John Walsh, OP. Please telephone him for an appointment).

The Priest of the parish where you are resident normally completes your pre-marriage papers, but he will need the following documents before he can complete your pre-marriage papers:

1. Certificate of Baptism (This certificate must be recently issued – not more than six months prior to the celebration of Marriage)

2. Certificate of Confirmation.

3. Letters of Freedom from previous parishes where you lived since your 18th Birthday.

4. A certificate of the Pre-Marriage course attended.

Note: If one of the parties is non-Catholic – a dispensation from the Archbishop of Dublin is required before the marriage can take place. The Archbishop requires six months’ notice, so please apply as early as you can.


If you have suffered a bereavement we wish to extend our sincere sympathies to you. Please ask the undertaker you choose to arrange the funeral with the parish priest.